Release 0.1

Pull Request


Pull Request Reviewed

I changed the filer.filesystem.spec.js file to have more modernized code practices. I changed the require lines to use const declarations opposed to var and changed all the local variable declarations to let instead of var. I learned when const is important to use in a file also the different uses of var oppose to let when it comes to scope. Next time I might wanna use strict mode to ensure no empty variable declarations existed.

I learned about let, var, const, and strict from the documentation on the developer Mozilla site

The pull request of another student for issue 683 was to update fs.spec.js. I found that their code worked and passed all the test and it did not conflict with my pull request at all, however I did notice that the require lines could have used const instead of let. I think const is a better use for those lines because of the global declarations also those variables shouldn’t be modifiable.

I had slack opened to answer any community questions however I only really addressed some who had a similar issue setting up git and vscode using ubuntu and windows 10. After serval reinstallations and troubleshooting fixes, nothing worked so I switched a virtual machine and ran Ubuntu.


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