Lab 4 – Update


Emscripten is an LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler. I have claimed one issue that I feel I can resolve easily to change the library.js, in the emscripten github, to not use depreciated arguments. It seems the issue arises when using strict mode and depreciated arguments not being compatible. I am currently learning the deprecated function property and the _emscripten_traverse_stack function inside library.js. I will probably fix this issue by the next update.

Zen Audio Player

This project is a chrome extension that allows for a better music listening experience on youtube. I updated this project’s file’s project sponsor section to have the correct information as well change the markdown to have images in links appear in all browsers. I had to learn a bit about markdown and browser capability to fix this issue. Ultimately T used an image source link to an uploaded GitHub picture to fix the issue. Afterwords I followed the guidelines to do a pull request I am currently waiting to see if it merges. It turns out I only managed to complete 1 of the 2 tasks for the issue but my pull request was approved and merged.

After these issues I would like to work on a game project I feel as tho I might a few selected from a game jam I looked through from slack. I found I may be able to incorporate ‘use strict’ in js files or update their readme files.

pull request

Link to Zen Audio Play issue

Zen Audio Play github

deprecated function property

Link to emscripten issue

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