Lab 8 – Picking projects

I was really interested in helping develop a game so for both projects for release 0.3 and 0.4 I picked open source games.

Much Assembly Required

This game is a multiplayer server game where you move a microbot collecting ores. The feature that was desired was to user stats on the UI such as death count, execution time, and walking distance. Still unknown if execution time is a realtime counter or in-game counter. This one requires JAVA code which I’m a little rusty on so I’m gonna need to refresh my knowledge to code this. This is my release 0.3.

Mission Pinball

This is a pinball game. The feature desired is to implement more variable displays for the UI as well as being able to configure what variables to display. Still known what variables to display and how it should be configurable. I will need to learn some python for this code but looking over it seems to use the draw feature which logic I think I can follow. This will be my release 0.4.

Much Assembly Required Issue

Mission Pinball Issue



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